Rejoicing in Simple Things

Wow, Raymond is almost 21, Thea just turned 18, and Andrew will soon be a teenager, where does the time go? As we watch our children grow we are reminded that one generation follows another, men come and go, and only what is done for the Lord Jesus will last. We are also reminded that the simple things of daily life as a family are what makes for a wonderful life.

So we pour ourselves into our children and teach them God’s ways and trust that He will bring them to His desired end. Each one is so unique and specially gifted according to God’s plan. Each one made in His image and therefore exceedingly precious. Our prayer is that God will bring all our children into their inheritance in Christ Jesus.

There is no greater occupation in this world than to be a father or a mother, what a job the Lord has given us. We want to be remembered as ones who did it well. We are not rich people and will not leave our children much of an inheritance as far as this world goes but what we can leave them is a legacy of godliness and hope in the soon coming glory of the King of Kings, Jesus Christ.

As the Lord gives us mercy and grace we press on towards the mark of His high calling. The world around us seems to be spiraling into darkness, I pray that we might be a light to those who are looking for the safe harbor.