A “Moment” For Us All

I read a very interesting opinion piece in the weekend Wall Street Journal today by writer Peggy Noonan titled 2016“That Moment When 2016 Hits You”. The moment she is writing about she describes as, “The Moment is that sliver of time in which you fully realize something epochal is happening in politics, that there has never been a presidential year like 2016, and suddenly you are aware of it in a new, true and personal way.” She also wrote, “‘I felt a wave of sadness,’ said one friend. This year’s politics have that effect on a lot of Americans.”

While she is writing particularly about politics, it is the idea of a “moment” that struck me, a critical moment that we are in as a nation and as individuals in every respect, not just politically. My hope and prayer is that God is granting us a moment of sobriety where we can truly consider our condition before Him personally and as a society. Oh!, how we need to repent and return to Him in these days! Have you had that “moment” this year? Don’t just let it pass by, consider Him who loved you and died for your sins and receive Him, I believe that God in His mercy is calling us back to Himself in these “moments” but we don’t have much time to get this right.